“Barbara’s attention to color is strengthened by her attention to composition and light. Her images glow.  Seemingly ordinary places and objects become heightened to revel an almost otherworldly presence emanating from within them. Her paintings, observational in a respectful yet perceptive way, draw the viewer into the piece emotionally. It is easy to stand in front of her paintings and find yourself truly engaged”

-Liz Nielsen, Chicago Art Institute


“Attic Gallery is proud to represent Barbara Bassett, for her work is credible. By that I mean her work is unique; her work is original, by her own vision, by her own hand. Credible. Who would not be proud to represent this quality”?

-Tommer Gonser, Director, Attic Gallery


“Barbara develops high quality compositions that I believe reflect nature itself.  You can sense the passion in the artwork and dedication applied with each stroke.  The painting is real and reflects a personality of movement and life.  Whether for viewing pleasure or connecting to the soul, her paintings invite you in and are a vibrant reminder of life’s natural beauty”.

-Nikos Linardakis, M.D., President and CEO, Tharos Laboratories, Inc.


“Barbara approaches her work with an eye for color, light, and the intimate atmosphere of nature.  Her painterly style creates mood and atmosphere, and gives the viewer only subtle hints of what the dynamics might be.  She has a love of color and enjoys using it to express her passion in life.  Passion is everything, isn’t it?

-Gregory Stocks, Art Instructor and Painter