Of course, training and working along side other artists influences my work.  After untold hours of painting (and the never-ending quest to continue to improve!),  a “style” becomes like ones own handwriting.  You can probably see influences from some of the Russian Impressionist painters, including Sergi Bongart.  I also trained with Gregory Stocks, Kathryn Stats, Michael Albretson, Randall Lake, Susan Gallagher, and Pamela Ingalls.   The Cape School method of painting and “seeing” how to paint light also intrigues me.  So how does this mix show up on canvas?  Some galleries say it’s a “contemporary approach to representational art” and others note the impressionistic, painterly use of color and light.  Technically, I usually paint in an “alla prima” method in my studio, which dovetails nicely with the speed and instinctual approach that “en plein air” – or painting outside in nature requires.

Aside from what what we call it,  I hope it reminds you of some of your own experiences.  The color, forms, and sense of light.  The energy or the calm.  It’s a visual language that connects us all–one to another.