This decade, and for the foreseeable future, I’m choosing to be a painter (see other “chapters” in “About the Artist”).  I’m also a mother, wife,  caretaker to an elderly mother, a gardener, and  occasionally work at a local art gallery.  Animal husbandry is also a facet of daily life here on our farm in Silverton (we have horses, goats, sheep, alpaca, cats, and, of course, our special elderly dog Toby who reigns over them all!).  Our daughter is a physician who is finishing up an advanced medical fellowship at Harvard, and will soon be moving back to Oregon to practice medicine at OHSU (Doernbecher Children’s Hospital) in Portland.  Between time spent riding horses, hiking, and finding great places to eat, I’m also hoping to spend more time traveling again, and expanding my range of subject matter in paintings.

Barbara Bassett from Michael Turner on Vimeo.

I’m also a dedicated fan of anything creative and learning new things.  Drawing, painting, designing homes and gardens, music, cooking, and any form of the arts perk my interest these days.  Balanced with yoga, and a good (or even average) glass of wine is the perfect ending to most of my days as we watch the sun set around the 30+ acres surrounding our house, barn and studio.  My least favorite things are figuring out how to wire/connect computers, cleaning the house, and figuring out directions without my GPS.