“Mixin’ it Up” with artist Barbara Bassett
–  Building your skills using luscious oil paints  –

Workshops are a great way to nurture your creative spirit and increase your skills and ability to visually express yourself.  This workshop has been designed to teach and reinforce solid painting skills, while at the same time bringing you to a beautiful location that inspires you to relax and enjoy nature at its best.

Award-winning artist Barbara Bassett’s 3-day class is hands-on, with each learning module designed to build one skill upon another to achieve a more painterly approach to your work.  You’ll learn proven techniques for capturing your own unique impressions of the world around you.


(note: Please contact artist at 503.559.2147 for schedule updates and changes)




 Feb.18,19,20(Mon – Wed)  Inspiration PointSilverton, Oregon  Introduction to Oil Painting(Foundation Class)  $295 pre-registration (60 days in advance)*$325 within 30 days
 April 8, 9,10(Mon – Wed) Inspiration PointSilverton, Oregon Composition and Design  $295 pre-registration (60 days in advance)$325 within 30 days
 May 17,18,19(Fri – Sun) Atelier 600Bend, OR  Introduction to Oil Painting (Foundation Class)
 $295 pre-registration (60 days in advance)*

$325 within 30 days

 June 17,18,19(Mon – Wed) Inspiration PointSilverton, OR  Color Mixing  & Theory 295 pre-registration (60 days in advance)
$325 within 30 days
 Sept. 11,12,13(Wed – Fri)


 Bend location to be confirmed  Color Mixing & Theory  $295 pre-registration(60 days in advance)$325 within 30 days












“I could tell that this workshop was going to be more than a painting class, something more – soulful.  I’m so glad I made the decision to join the group.  Barbara is a passionate, inspiring teacher who allows you to be who you are but develop your own creative side”.  –  Leta
“I liked how she taught me to draw and approach my work in a looser, more impressionistic way.  She also showed me concepts to make images come closer, or have them fade into the distance in my paintings”.  –  Tom
“Barbara is a patient and helpful teacher, who is clearly able to convey and communicate her passion to her students.”  –  Linda
“This workshop was wonderful! Barbara has such a passion for her art that shines through in the way that she teaches.  Her concepts are really clear, and she knows how to take away my fear as a beginner.  I would recommend this class to anybody”!  –  Sue

For workshop materials list, meal options, course overview, and registration form contact bb@barbarabassett.com

*If requested, for the “Introduction to Oil Painting (Foundation) class, I will bring and provide use of all the canvases, equipment, tools, painting, mediums, etc. for an additional $60. so all you need to do is show up!

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